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Arnold Ehret received his degrees at 21 and taught college until drafted for military service. Released after nine months because of “neurasthenic heart trouble,” Ehret resumed his teaching career at 31 despite chronic ill health, suffering from kidney trouble with consumptive tendency.

Under the care of 24 different physicians at one time or another, Ehret finally turned to natural methods, vegetarianism and mental healing, but still without completely satisfactory results. A sojourn in Nice, living on a radical milk-and-fruit diet proved helpful but only partially beneficial.

The following winter, Ehret traveled to Algiers, living almost exclusively on the plentiful native fruits. His condition rapidly improved and he was emboldened to try short fasts, hopefully desiring to assist Nature in the cleansing properties of fruit and climate. Success crowned his efforts, for not only did he regain good health, but also unbelievable energy, strength, and joy of living. He and a companion undertook an 800-mile bicycle trip from Algiers to Tunis — returning completely exhilarated by their feat!

Through years of continuous experimentation on himself and others; studying diets in Central and Southern Europe and the Middle East, Ehret successfully developed his MUCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM. Thousands of patients were taught these methods of regaining health in what he called his “Fruit Fasting” Sanitarium in Switzerland.

Coming to the United States just before World War I (which conflict later necessitated his remaining there), Professor Ehret embarked upon an immensely popular lecture tour.

Who was Arnold Ehret? was written by Fred Hirsch an associate and student of Professor Ehret. Fred graduated from Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System class of 1922.

Carrying the Torch At fifty-six, while enjoying a superior state of health known to only a few people, he met an unfortunate accident; suffering a basal fracture of the skull which caused almost instant death. After Ehret died in 1922, Fred Hirsch continued Ehret’s life work. Fred maintained the club and published Ehret’s books. Today this legacy lives on through the members of the Arnold Ehret Health Club and Ehret Literature Publishing Company.

This article was written by Fred Hirsch, an associate and student of Professor Ehret who after Professor Ehret’s untimely death, took over as the head of the Health Club as well as publisher of his books. Fred Hirsch graduated from Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System of 1922 and went on to live a shining example of Ehretism. Fred tells us about Professor Ehret’s early days and his personal experiences in learning these lessons for himself.

Professor Arnold Ehret founded The Club in the early 20th century. Today the goal of The Club continues to assist people in their quest for better health through Professor Ehret’s teachings. The Club is where Ehretists and people interested in their health can work with other similarly motivated people to gain that edge. You are all welcomed to be a part of this exciting club that was designed by Ehret to unlock the healthfulness in all of us.

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Fruits is the only cuisine that is karmaless. All other food involved killing wether it be of animals, plants, or seed. When ripened to perfect by the sun, it is plucked from the tree by the wind and laid as an offering for human kind and animals. It is the easiest food to digest. It is the least mucus-inducing of all foods.

-Arnold Ehret

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Important Lessons Book Authors Can Learn from Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret studied vegetarianism in Berlin in 1899. During his study, he visited the Lebensreform co-operative (a vegan fruit colony in Oranienburg) at ‘Eden’ and 20 vegan restaurants.

How Your Eating Habits Affects Your Health

Your diet can increase or lower the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. This means that what you eat affects your overall body health. Research has already revealed that you should go for low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

What Made Arnold Ehret a Successful Book Author

Arnold Ehret was a German health educator. He was also an author of several books on various topics. The main subjects of his books and cornerstones of his life include naturopathy, detoxification, health, food combining, diet, physical culture, fasting, fruitarianism, longevity, and vitalism.

The Untapped Power of Fruit Fasting Inspired According to Arnold Ehret

People who do fruit fasting believe that it heals your body by creating a conducive environment for white blood cells to repair damaged tissues. There’s evidence that fruit fasting can encourage the body to conduct an internal cleansing in a manner it has never done before. Eventually, the body will get rid of the toxins hidden in tissues.

Why You Should Read Books

  1. Enhances your cognitive development

Information is power. Whatever kind of book, there is something you learn from it. There is upward mobility in brain development.

You get to think better and reason in a more logical way, which improves your life.

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  1. Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System: A Medical Analysis of Lessons 25, 26
  3. Contemporary Insights To Professor Ehret – By David Fastiggi


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