Important Lessons Book Authors Can Learn from Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret studied vegetarianism in Berlin in 1899. During his study, he visited the Lebensreform co-operative (a vegan fruit colony in Oranienburg) at ‘Eden’ and 20 vegan restaurants.

He also studied at a university of physiology, medicine, and chemistry. He also explored naturopathy, natural healing, anti-medicine, mental healing, reform movements, physical culture, magnetic healing, and Christian Science.

He adopted a fruit and milk diet while living in Nice, France, but obtained mixed results. At this point, he hadn’t explored fasting, something he already heard about.

He adopted a “good eating” lifestyle upon returning to Germany. Ehret visited North Africa’s Algiers in the next winter with Peter, a French bicyclist. He experimented with both a fruit diet and fasting.

He completely stopped eating to solve his health issues. He didn’t starve but only gained vitality and strength. With a new lifestyle, he claimed to have cured the diseases he had. He also improved in physiological strength.

Ehret took part in a 1000 mile bicycle trip from Algiers to Tunis in less than 14 days due to the physiological strength he gained. He was discouraged from going on with fasting and denounced the “Metabolic Theory” in an article he wrote.

He also walked for over 56 hours in France and Italy, took a boat ride to Egypt, and traveled to different countries worldwide to practice his system. They include Persia, Turkey, Palestine, Austria, Rumania, India, and Hungary.


5 Lessons You Can Learn from Arnold Ehret as a Writer or Author


Arnold Ehret was an avid traveler. He visited various countries for different reasons, including exploration, studies, and the need to make discoveries. He also traveled to give lectures and share his beliefs or findings through teachings.

Writing comes with demanding clients, tight deadlines, and writer’s block that may result if you’re either overworked or trying to author a book on a title you find boring. Ehren only authored books and manuscripts on topics he found interesting.

Whatever is your reason for traveling, you can benefit from the activity in various ways. Traveling helps you gain insight into new things, appreciate other cultures, and see things differently. Your travel experiences can improve your writing.

Traveling allows you to get inspired, fight blues, and experience something impeccable. And, you can make the most out of your travels without being a travel blogger. Ehret never was one.

Despite your reasons for travel, make it a regular part of your life. Find the most fascinating places across the world to visit, tips, and tricks to follow, and essential you may need for your trips.


Ehret loved fasting and took part in it several times a year. He fasted for at least 100 days in any given year, for the benefits he believed he could gain from the activity. He integrated fasting with natural healing and naturopathy, among other practices.

He believed the practices didn’t just heal him from incurable diseases but inspired his writing. He wrote about his explorations and the practices he adopted. He also shared his life experiences with audiences.

Fasting can help you fight laziness and lack of motivation in your writing career. The practice strengthens you physically and spiritually, helping you overcome laziness.

Ionized water energizes the body during a fast when you need a change in your body and writing career. If you do your fasts in the mountains, you’ll need a portable storage container for your drinking water; this is always a tempting option. However, don’t use water for dry fasts.

What’s more, taking time to fast helps you take a break from your writing habit for a change. When you return to authoring your books, you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and motivated.

Religion or belief in God

Ehret also believed in a supernatural being, God. He was a Catholic Christian with religious beliefs in the existence of a supreme God.

Whereas some people visit churches to feel the presence of God, others find it in nature outdoors. Faith or belief in God teaches virtues such as redemption, forgiveness, love, adoption, and kindness. These virtues can inspire your writing, especially if you’re a fiction writer.

Moreover, seeking God out in nature is relaxing and therapeutic. When you go for prayers in the mountains, you’re rejuvenated spiritually, mentally, and physically. You benefit from a refreshed mind, ready to write on your favorite topics.

You can even focus your writing on faith, religion, or the belief in God.

Gained knowledge and explored theories

Arnold Ehret was an avid learner. He studied at several universities on topics he found interesting such as medicine, naturopathy, and natural healing. He explored various topics and theories to gain knowledge. He wrote books on the same topics.

Learning and gaining knowledge is an important part of the life of a writer. You need to explore and study topics of interest. You can join courses at local universities, colleges or take online classes.

With knowledge in your area of interest, you become a subject matter expert in your preferred niches. As an authoritative writer or author, you’re likely to gain more following and readership for your works.


Vegan, a clean diet or clean eating

Ehret adopted a vegan diet at some point in his life. He only consumed fruits and vegetables. He actually believed that the human diet should only comprise of ‘mucusless foods’.

Clean eating nourishes the body with healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and high-quality proteins. The nutrients control weight, enhance brain and heart health, increase energy levels, and boost the immune system.

What’s more, fruits and vegetables are tasty and delightful.

Part of being a good writer and author is living a healthy life. You must adopt healthy lifestyles to ward off diseases and keep your health in check. You can’t write if you’re unwell, weak, or unhealthy.


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