Learn About Book Publishing

Did you know that there are many different methods of publishing a book? There is the traditional method, where an author finds a literary agent to get their work out into the world. There is self-publishing, which can be done without an agent and with less upfront costs. And there’s hybrid publishing, which combines aspects of both traditional and self-published books.  

Traditional publishers distribute your book through stores like Barnes & Noble or Amazon while also giving you some input on what should be included in it. Hybrid publishers will give you more control over how the project develops but they won’t cover much of the upfront costs. Self-publishing will let you keep the full profits but with the downside of being your own marketer and distributor, which can be difficult if you’re not a business person.

Traditional publishing is great for authors who want to get their book out into the world without much effort on their part and self-published books are best for authors who have a lot of time to devote to marketing and want complete control over the content.


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